Little People’s Country
Academy of Arts & Education

201 West Hillgrove Avenue
La Grange IL 60525

We are available Monday – Friday

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We have a long standing history of providing exceptional, full day, programs for young children including infants and toddlers. Our art integrated programs provide a rich curriculum in which we spark a love of learning and inspire an appreciation of the arts. It is this and our commitment to excellence in early care and education as well as our involvement in the community that sets us apart.

We are nationally accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy begins with respect for children and their families and is founded on the idea that young children grow and learn when allowed to engage in active play. We work hard to facilitate play and celebrate playful curiosity. We believe play is the chief medium for children’s learning and expression.

Our curriculum is hands on and firmly grounded in age appropriate challenges and expectations. We see learning and nurturing as inseparable and find that children flourish when teachers and parents collaborate to provide loving, consistent limits and structure.

In the creation of a predictable environment, we allow children the calm and the freedom to discover, explore and construct their own knowledge of the world.

Our Classrooms

DSC_1331R. BobBriskeyPhoto. 708.829.4490 - 2

The Dali Room


The O’Keeffe Infant Studio

1603R - Picasso

The Picasso Room

1403 - Warhol room

The Warhol Room

DSC_1479R. BobBriskeyPhoto. 708.829.4490 - 2

The Monet Room


The Matisse Room

1265R - Mosaic Room

The Mosaic Room

The Studio

The Studio