“The three teachers in the Warhol Room bring such wonderful energy to the classroom every day! Our son is excited to get there and we enjoy pick-ups and drop-offs with them. They took the time and showed interest in getting to know the kids both inside the classroom and through talking to parents about what is going on at home. Our son has done great through some major transitions this year like moving to a big boy bed, becoming a big brother, potty training and even moving on to his new classroom in large part because the teachers “talked up” these big events and helped him know what to expect, to get excited and to know that he is supported and loved.”
J. McGinnis

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“When our son first started at LPCA in the Dali Room, we knew he would be well cared for and would enjoy playing with the other children, but we never expected to receive such an outpouring of love and support, the same as you would give your own family! You have shared in all of his milestones with as much excitement and enthusiasm as we do.”
B & J Stormshak

“Your work with our daughter has beyond exceeded our expectations! You pushed her when she needed to be pushed, you researched solutions when we were going through challenging moments, you called us on the phone and initiated tough conversations about her growth, development, eating habits and more- when you knew it was in her best interest. You pushed her in the right direction but you pushed us too, when we didn’t realize we needed to be pushed. You helped us get over many small hurdles, and we are grateful for your role in her continued development as this amazing little girl.”
R & T Riberto

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“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making such a wonderful impact on the first year of our daughter’s life. We continue to be amazed at all the things you have taught her this year; the sign language, the names of her little buddies, all sorts of new words, (we are still in awe of hap-py birthday), blowing kisses, art and music, how to sleep on a cot without a sleep sack and pacifier…the list could go on and on!”
S & J Fletcher