Little People’s Country Academy of Arts & Education opened in La Grange IL, in October 2001. This school is privately owned by Ms. Cindy Perkins, a longtime resident of the La Grange area and an active member of the west suburban business community.

Ms. Perkins opened her first child care center, fresh out of college, at the ripe old age of 21, in downstate IL. She continued to develop four more centers and preschools on the near north shore over the next 30 years and is proud to say that each location continues to thrive today, now under the ownership of it’s original staff.

In 2001 the opportunity presented itself to acquire this location in La Grange, making it her one and only program. A decision she still applauds today. Ms. Perkins is dedicated to excellence in early care and education, the professionalism of the industry and the development of staff and teachers in the field.

It is her passion for the arts and the education of young children that inspired an art integrated program here in La Grange. She is actively involved as an executive officer of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as a member of the La Grange Business Association.

Our Administrative Staff

Ms. Laura Janis – Center Director

Ms. Cindy Perkins – Executive Director

Ms. Sarah Weston – Program Director

Ms. Claude Rodriguez – The Studio Coordinator

Ms. Donna Wathen – Kindergarten Director

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